Optimize transport within your organization

We can also offer a tailor-made app solution for businesses and large organizations. This branded app makes it easy to organize internal transportation in personal cars, company and rental cars and taxis globally.

The result is a reduction in CO2 emissions and transportation costs.

Here’s how:

A tailormade app solution for organizing transportation within organizations

With this solution, financial savings goes hand in hand with sustainability. We offer companies a branded and integrated commuting app that employees can use for their daily transportation from home to work.

The app also offers an extended solution where we can optimize costs and utilization of taxis, company cars and rental cars. This is done by a White-Label solution specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. In the same solution, we automatically collect data to report the number of green kilometers that have been driven by the organization.

We have developed this app because we believe that both users and the climate win when we make car transport cheaper, faster and more social.

The problem in larger organizations is often that employees lack an overview of who is actually driving and when they do so, especially across departments and teams with which they may have low social interaction with during their day-to-day work. We solve this by creating company specific solutions for our customers that give employees the necessary overview; fast, intuitively, and efficiently.

We optimize both the use of personal cars, company cars, but also taxis and rental cars. With this app, available seats are updated in real time, and you can easily invite colleagues to come along.

Furthermore, with the app, you can be at the forefront of potential legislation, starting by reducing your CO2 footprint today.

We offer the organization its own app only with access only for its employees. The app collects the CO2 savings, which are updated live on the company’s website / intranet and can be published in the CSR report. This also allows for making CO2 bonus budgets for the entire company, or even down to department level.