Driving towards green mobility

HotelRide enables you to offer CO2 neutralised taxi rides and organised ridesharing for your conference guests.

And, guess what!

You don’t have to do anything besides offering the HotelRide’s white label product, Commute for Conferences, together with your existing conference solution.

Here’s how:

The easiest way to offer extended services

When hosting a conference – big or small – the guests come from here and there, all in need of some kind of transportation.

HotelRide will coordinate transportation to and from both airports, hotels, conferences, ect, and the app enables ridesharing and other transportation registration. Afterwards, the conference coordinator can get a calculation of the total CO2 emissions and savings coming from transport arranged by HotelRide.

So, why should you offer the Commute for Conference solution by HotelRide?

It’s all about offering extended services to your guests, right?
Both the lodges, the conference coordinators and the conference guests.
And this is where it gets fun for you!

When selling a conference solution, you just include HotelRide’s Commute for Conferences app.

That’s it.

You don’t have to do anything else.

HotelRide will arrange everything else necessary.

The white label app development, customised of course. The calculation of CO2 emissions and savings. Ridesharing possibilities. And if wanted, CO2 compensation by donating to different kinds of environmental organisations.


So, how does it work?

Step 1:
Tell the conference coordinator how easy organising conference transportation and getting calculation of CO2 emissions and savings afterwards is, when using HotelRide’s Commute for Conference app.

Step 2:
Then, get the conference coordinator to call us.

Step 3:
We will set up a white label app to register different kinds of transportation to and from conferences, which your conference guests can use to register their transportation form and rideshare with each other.

Step 4:
The guests download the app, register their transportation and get easy to and from a conference.

Step 5:
Use the app again, and get safe and sound back to the hotel, airport etc.

5 reasons why you should offer HotelRide as part of your conference


You get to provide an extended service to your conference guests and coordinators


You get to offer green mobility as a service


You enable ridesharing to and from conference


You get to offer an easy way of coordinating conference transportation


You meet potential requirements asking to move responsible to and from conferences