Driving towards a greener future

Over the past few years, the sustainability agenda has demanded a higher focus from all over the world. Our Nature demands a behavioral change. A change that we can no longer justify ignoring, especially when talking about transportation.

This change is called HotelRide, and we are ready to make the necessary changes.
We are ready to drive towards a greener future.
With you on board.
HotelRide is founded on the belief in a better future, and is powered by CommuteApp.

HotelRide is a global taxi booking platform that combines increased business and sustainability – and makes everyone winners at the same time. We want to motivate the entire world’s population to move in a greener way.

That’s our drive.
That’s our mission.


It’s the green way or the highway

It’s not something to be done overnight. But with more CO2 neutral forms of transportation, we are moving in the right direction. In the direction of a better future.
For you. For Nature. For everyone.
And HotelRide has made it easy. 

Our taxi booking system makes it easy for both hotels and taxi companies to provide a better overall service, to make an increase in revenue, and at the same time to create a more sustainable profile.

Everytime a trip is booked and driven through the HotelRide platform, HotelRide CO2 compensates for the ride by donating a part of the payment to Growing Trees Network. Also, customers can choose ‘ride sharing’ and thereby, contribute to an even more sustainable way of traveling. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

So, are you ready to give back to Nature?

Let’s fast-forward to a better tomorrow

HotelRide is for you who work at a hotel. It’s for you who work at or for a taxi company. It’s for you who need to book a taxi from time to time. It’s for you who think the future matters.

HotelRide is for everyone.
HotelRide is everyone.
If we want to fast-forward and create a better, greener future for ourselves, we need to take responsibility. Starting today. Starting now. 
Drive with us.
Towards a greener future.