Driving towards an increase in revenue

HotelRide gives hotel guests a new, easier way to book a taxi at any time. To any place. Throughout their entire stay.

And you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary.

Strong collaborations and a more sustainable profile

HotelRide is a free software implemented at hotels that enables a strong collaboration between hotels and taxi companies which ultimately means a considerable increase in revenue at both ends and way more business for the taxi companies.

You only need to do two things:

1) Collaborate with the hotels and 2) do what you do best: Pick up the customers at their hotel and give them the ride of their lives – that’s it.

Easy, right?

And it gets better…

When using HotelRide, part of the payment goes directly to Growing Trees Network, which has a positive impact on your sustainability profile. The CO2 compensation is paid by the customers, and thereby isn’t deducted from your earnings.

The downside?

There is none. You get an increase in revenue. You get more customers. And you contribute to a greener future.



Step 1:
HotelRide is responsible for the integration to your existing online booking platform. No strings attached, of course.

Step 2:
After the integration, it runs smoothly. The guest asks the receptionist at the hotel to arrange a taxi or uses the QR code, and voilà. Your customer awaits your arrival!

Step 3:
You automatically get the customer’s travel information through HotelRide.

Step 4:
Now, pick up the customer and drive them to the address provided by HotelRide.

Step 5:
Payment? No need to deal with that. The customer already paid for the trip at the hotel.

5 reasons why you should use HotelRide


You have the opportunity to get an increase in revenue


You get a more sustainable profile


You avoid any possible credit card fees. HotelRide defrays all fees


You have the possibility of getting more trips with hotel customers


Attractive rides and prices – no negative price spiral