Driving towards an extended service

HotelRide enables you to offer CO2 neutralised taxi rides for your guests at fixed prices.

And the best part?

It’s so easy!

Positive experiences for your guests

When guests approach the hotel reception asking for a taxi, you just enter their information at the HotelRide platform, and voilá!

The guest now pays easily and securely through the attached payment terminal with a credit card or mobile phone and gets an electronic receipt. Easy-peasy.

HotelRide offers three technologies to make it smooth for all parties:

  1. QR Code:
    Receptionists can offer a QR code that guests can use throughout their stay. In this way, the guest always has the transport options at hand and can easily and quickly order a taxi, regardless of where and when the trip takes place.
  2. The HotelRide platform:
    This one is handled by the receptionists. It’s a URL installed at the computer by the counter. Don’t worry. We will fix it for you. Get ready to make exceptional service!
  3. A digital self-service desk:
    The best of both worlds! With a self-service desk and a tablet, your guests can easily book a taxi by themselves and pay with the attached payment terminal.

And it gets even easier.

When the customer has paid through the HotelRide platform, HotelRide takes over all further communication and customer service.

This creates more free time for other essential work tasks and takes away daily work frustrations from the receptionist. And besides that, it creates a more positive hotel experience for the guest, an increase in revenue and a more sustainable profile for your hotel.



Step 1:
Enter the destination and the system automatically calculates the price.

Step 2:
Date and time of the guest’s departure.

Step 3:
Enter the guest’s information at the HotelRide platform: Room number or name and a correct phone number. This enables further communication between the guest and HotelRide through text messages.

Step 4:
The guest pays easily and securely through the attached payment terminal with a credit card or mobile phone. The prices are fixed, which means no need to worry about additional payments, missing receipts and whether the guest gets the correct and fastest route.

Step 5:
The taxi arrives at the hotel, picks up the guest in the lobby, and your guest leaves with a smile. Win-win.

5 reasons why you should use HotelRide


You may provide an extended service


You may improve the overall hotel experience


You can get an increase in revenue


You will contribute to a more sustainable profile


You can create more free time for other essential work tasks