HotelRide is your global taxi booking platform

We take hotel transportation to a whole new level of service and make everyone winners.

You. The hotels.
The taxi companies.
The customer.

For the hotels

Easier, faster and better service

Let’s see. HotelRide makes it possible for hotels to provide an extended service to guests and by that, improve the overall hotel experience. In addition, HotelRide contributes to a new revenue stream, an increase in revenue as well as a more sustainable profile for the hotels.

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For the taxi companies

Increase in revenue

Same goes for the taxi companies. A stronger collaboration between hotels and taxi companies means more customers, which also contributes to an increase in revenue.

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For the customer

Fixed prices and safe payments

The customers get fixed prices to any destination and safe payments, as they pay the fixed price for the taxi trip at the hotel through the HotelRide platform. This means no more worrying about additional payments, missing receipts and whether you get the correct and fastest route.

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For the nature

Giving back to nature

And finally, nature probably wins the most. When customers pay through HotelRide’s platform, HotelRide CO2 compensates for the ride by donating a part of the payment to Growing Trees Network. Thereby, all trips booked and driven by the HotelRide platform are CO2 neutral.

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not.
Everyone wins.

That’s our promise to you.