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HotelRide enables CO2 neutralised taxi trips with fixed prices and safe payments.

A sort of all-in-one-package.

Fixed prices and safe payments

Here’s a wild thought…

Have you ever been in a foreign country with no clue about what taxi company to choose and what the correct price from A to B should be?

Thought so.

HotelRide offers you an easy and secure way to travel. Book a taxi, get fixed prices and pay directly at the hotel reception or via the QR code. No more worrying about missing receipts and additional payments due to a running taximeter in massive traffic.

One of our customer’s guests in Norway could have taken a taxi through us for 999 NOK paid in advance, but instead opted for a regular ride, which ended up costing 1231 NOK. This means that the individual could have saved more than 200 NOK.

With HotelRides solution, it doesn’t matter how long the taxi ride takes, whether there’s traffic, or any other unexpected factors during the trip. The price remains the same – no matter what.

And the best part?

By using HotelRide you contribute to saving our planet. How? A small amount of your payment goes directly to Growing Trees Network.

HotelRide customer


Step 1:
Go to the reception at your hotel, and ask them to arrange a taxi.

Step 2:
Now, give your room number or name and correct phone number to the receptionist. She will take care of the rest.

Step 3:
Pay easily and securely through the payment terminal with a credit card or mobile phone. The fixed price is reserved until the trip has been completed.

Step 4:
You will receive an electronic receipt on a text message together with information about your trip.

Step 5:
Your taxi will arrive, and you are off to your next adventure.

Step 6:
Need a ride back to the hotel? Or a ride to a new destination? Book a taxi through the same text message as you got the electronic receipt or simply just use the QR code handed to you by the receptionist.

Easy right?

5 reasons why you should use HotelRide


You get fixed prices based on traffic, time, day, etc.


You get a secure payment method and an electronic receipt


You are guaranteed priority trips, when booking taxis through HotelRide


You get the easiest way of booking and paying for taxis when traveling


You give back to nature and help plant more trees